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UpCyCly offers you a turnkey solution for the responsible and collaborative design of your workspaces and your convivial places in the company (café area, relaxation, terrace, reception...). Our innovative approach and our multidisciplinary team transform your facilities into an inclusive and engaging experience for your teams, through brainstorming and design thinking workshops, in contrast to a change experienced by your employees. In this way, we enable your employees and decision-makers to become active players in your workplace transformation and enhance and improve the quality of life at work and strengthen collective commitment and performance.
We support you in creating an inspiring and supportive environment for collective engagement following moves or team expansions... or simply creating a meaningful and sustainable shared history and experience. Our team building services strengthen the cohesion between the members of your teams and create an environment conducive to well-being at work. We work to transform workspaces but also convivial spaces in companies (coffee or restaurant space, terrace, reception, FabLab...) The aim of our approach is to strengthen the cohesion of your teams and the good integration of new members.

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Transform your work arrangements and transfers into collective experiences.

UpCycly offers its services to companies that want to renovate or refurbish their interior.
Upcycly offers you an innovative concept and a unique methodology for collaborative and responsible design of your workspaces.
You will be able to participate in the recovery of a product that is often considered as waste. Indeed, for many people, wooden pallets are considered as worthless waste. This waste is a source of wealth for UpCyCly. We strive to collect pallets through our own network of employees. This raw material is then dismantled and sorted in order to make the furniture that will be in your premises.
We strive to add value to all our achievements. Each product has a unique history due to its origin and contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of our planet.


Finally, group workshops to bring your teams together and make your living and working spaces in companies more appropriate.

Team Building helps to strengthen team cohesion and create a supportive work environment. Team Building makes it possible to involve the employee in a common action around the development of a friendly and personalized workspace.
The Team Building in the company will create a link between the members of your company. Each individual feels responsible for their own creation and actively participates in Team Building days. This makes it possible to integrate newcomers by creating a link, a relay with the older ones, and to empower teams and even enhance the esteem of each member of a society. There are really only benefits to the realization of a day of Team building in companies.


For your events and professional presentations in your unique and responsible image.

Since very recently UpCyCly has been offering a range of products for rent. It is possible to rent our eco-responsible furniture concept so that you can welcome guests and other customers to your premises.
Whether you have an event or a particular day to organize, we offer a range of products that will meet your needs. We offer the possibility to rent tables, chairs, benches, or other furniture... You tell us your needs and our team adapts.

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Do you want your premises to reflect your identity to attract talent?
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Your living and working space in a company that is constantly changing, download this book to learn how to transform your professional space and provide a unique and collaborative experience for your B2B facilities.
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